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The Identity fraud war is very real and most Americans don't have access to a weapon to defend themselves!

Just 3 easy payments of 19.95 (ACH RED FLAG)

Only $4.99 a month (ACH RED FLAG)

The TV and Internet payment system connected electronically to your Bank and credit cards has become the most dangerous "convenience" you will encounter.

Dating sites, Orgs, Greeting icards, ***, Newspapers, Services, Banking, donations and stolen account information from company security attacks has put everyone in danger of serious financial insolvency.

Anybody can post an ACH debit transaction on your account! Every credit or ATM card you own can be accessed by anyone for an unauthorized transaction.

In order to protect yourself from theft you now have to contact every account you have, in writing, and authorize ACH debit and electronic blocking. (Do it now!)

Wire fraud occurs when someone other than an authorized individual performs a wire transfer to an account that is not intended as the recipient.

ACH Definition: "Automated Clearing House", a network of financial institutions that facilitate electronic transfers. This system makes direct deposit, some bank transfers, and some online bill payments possible.

ACH fraud occurs when a client's account is accessed for unauthorized ACH payments (debits).

Internet fraud takes several forms and is intended to intercept, view or redirect confidential information about the client and the client's financial information in order to compromise accounts and commit fraud. The worst forms of internet fraud create situations where the client believes they are dealing with legitimate Web sites that are in fact fraudulent.

Who can you trust to protect your money and accounts? Nobody!

Anybody, from the Government on down, can take all your money and you have to is hire an expensive Attorney, after the fact and hope to get any of it back.

The Identity and fraud war is very real and most Americans don't have any idea or access to any weapons to defend themselves!

(When it comes to your money an honest weapon doesn't exist)

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Online Banking.

Monetary Loss: $504.

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Original post regarding ACH charges and the information regarding my "bit of paranoia".

(Overdraft charges, after a stop payment, against an empty closed account!)

Bank of America completely ignored my stop payment on a closed account and charged me for the Carleton Sheets, No Money down scam.

I stopped payment on this scam and was absolutely astounded when I found out later they had decided to charge me in contradiction to a confirmed stop payment.

I sat down with the bank officer and placed a stop payment on the purchase. I emptied and closed my account.

The bank turned around and placed an overdraft on my closed, empty account. Not just the $19.95 as advertised on TV but an unbelievable $504.85.

I took the bill back to loan officer who, just two days earlier, assured me the stop payment was complete. She stone facedly told me there was nothing she could do.

Nothing? I sat and watched as she stopped payment on

the transaction, gave me a receipt and closed that account just two days

earlier. She than suggested I could dispute the bill!

Dispute the Bill? (I didn't want to be involved with this scam!)

I sat in her office again while she called and put in a dispute and two weeks later the bank told me I had ordered the course. (Yes I did and I didn’t want it!)

Just two months earlier I made sure a block was put on my account. My bank statement had $105 in overdraft fees for a loaf of bread, a Sunday newspaper and 5 gallons of gas for my lawnmower. After a long discussion about courtesy verses paying $35 for a loaf of bread, the loan officer reluctantly put a block on all my accounts for any overdrafts.

(If I don’t have any money in one of my accounts don’t charge me $35 for a newspaper, let me use another form of payment!)

So with a block on that account, facing a $19.95 reoccurring monthly fee for some type of No Money down update, I was done with it! I paid to stop payment on the Scam and closed out that account.

Than, the Bank of America scammed me again! Two days later they “paid” the scammers $504.85 out of a stopped payment, closed, blocked and empty account and charged the entire overdraft to me!

To this day I still don’t have that *** Carleton Sheets course but I sure paid for it!


I have no idea what the point of this post is, what you're actually upset about, or what BoA has to do with it. You seem to be just complaining about identity theft and fraud in a general way.

Certainly these things occur, but do you have a specific complaint or issue? I sense a bit of paranoia in your post.