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I have a small buisness that luckily is doing well in this economey.

At the end of last year I spent 30 thoasand for debt paydown. This was instructed by a B of A represenitive. My goal was to get a larger line of credit so I could expand my company. Come to find out that once I payed down all 5 of my b of A accounts. That they reduced my credit limits to the remaining balance, to max out all accounts.

Then charged me for over limit fees, and know my credit is impacted heavily (personal and buisness).

When I call to ask why, the trick me into saying that i have a cash flow problem, and now I am cosiderd high risk! When from the beginning all I was doing was improving my credit!

Bottom line is I spent 30 thoasand to get worse credit!

Now the bank cosiders me a risk when I owe them 1/3 of what I did last year.

I was always on time and still my rates also jumped up?

Is ther any options for the abused customer?

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