I got a letter re Privacy Notice. Card # 9235. I don't have a card with that number.

I can't call you. Your instructions are to call # on back of card. I don't have a card - so can't do that.

If I don't have a card with that #, how do you have my name and address. If I ever had one, it has long since been cancelled.

I have terminated all association with BOA. They pissed me off once too often. Blah, blah blah blah and a few blahs until I get to 100. BlaH, BLAH.

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Paray-Le-Monial, Bourgogne, France #31070

The banks never communicate with the entire account number; they only use the last four digits.


Are you sure #9235 was referring to the card? Most cards have really long numbers, like 12 or 18.

No card would have just four numbers.

That sounds like they sent you the standard Privacy Notice booklet / pamphlet / whatever.

Or maybe it wasn't from BOA (is that Bank of America? You never said what the company was), and it was just some junk mail made to look important.

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