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Last May 27th, my saving account with Bank of America was assaulted.

It reflected a balance of "0" and the title of the transaction says "Hold" "Legal Order, LTS Uxxxxxxxxxxxx". When I called today to speak to a customer service, she told me that I have to call 847-xxx-xxxx. I thought that it was a Bank of America number, but instead it is the legal firm that has assaulted my savings account.

We (Bank of America and I) have a citation to appear this coming June in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois-Municipal Department District. This day is when we will know what has to be paid and who has to pay. I don't think that at this time this legal firm representing the plaintiff has any right to hold my saving account, not before the court day, and I don't think is right for Bank of America to hold my account without anything done in court yet. It is too early to do so, isn't it?

Other mysterious thing happening with Bank of America is related to my checking account.

My online bank statement always reflects 100% of my transactions immediately for several years until yesterday. The last transaction I made yesterday with my debit card still not posted, which is something very weird

as if my banking accounts with Bank of America have been manipulated from inside.

Strange, very strange.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Dear Bank of America, you know that my direct deposits came from the Social Security for my children, and from my students loans and work study. Take this ridiculous hold from my savings account.

Bank Of America Pros: Online ability.

Bank Of America Cons: Customer service, Unprofessional.

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  • Scam Fraud Judgments
  • Legal Firm Scams
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