I recently moved and set up my PG&E account online, so I could pay PG&E as I am elderly and disabled. When I went to pay my PG&E account they informed me that PG&E no longer accepts Bank of America Debit or Credit cards.

I called B of A and asked why PG&E would not accept my card & was told they knew nothing about it.

The individual put me on hold and after a short wait returned to tell me her supervisor advised her that it was true. PG&E does not accept payment from a B of A card. When I asked why B of A said they didn't know. I have to wonder if PG&E know something we don't know.

I've heard roomers, now I'm starting to believe them. After being a B of A customer for over 40 years I think it's time to GET OUT & I AM!

Review about: Bank Of America Credit Card.

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