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I work extremely close to the Bank of America on J. Clyde Morris Blvd in Newport News Va.

Every month when I go on my lunch hour to do a quick transaction it takes me a least 20 minutes waiting in line. Never more than 2 tellers and no drive thru. When there is a business customer the wait is even longer. If a large corporation like Bank of America can not employee enough people to work in a branch, then why not just close it?

I understand customer service is very important but if you do not have enough employees personal conversations need to be very short.

The I assume manager is hardly ever our in lobby and if he is just stand at the stand inside the door and looks at everyone. He should should be trained to jump in and help to keep the customers satisfied.

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-Bank of America has had more complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau than any other American financial institution, according to a July report from Mother Jones magazine. -Consumers have lodged 20,512 complaints against BOA to the CFPB since Dec 2011, one of the worst track records of any bank, nearly 25% of ALL complaints even more than Wells Fargo.

-BOA has for the past four years (2013) finished in the top three of Consumerist’s annual reader polls to nominate as the worst companies in America.

- Yes, they suck! Why do you continue to do business with them?


" can not employee enough people " Oh they have a way to get enough people, it's called charging you more fees to do your thing. Something tells me this isn't your thing so deal with it or join the 21st century and start using the ATM or App. Sorry if this little party is all you have left in the world but you'll really miss it if they close the branch as you wish.


Yes they suck


spent my 30 minutes lunch time to withdraw 300.00 from my bank and as a favor to my daughter --went to deposit 300.00 in cash into her checking account. She needed the funds in her checking account today to cover repairs made to her car which had broken down.

But, seems they have this rule that even though I had a deposit slip her checking account --they refused to process my 300.00 cash I was trying to deposit ! this is nuts ! I mean its not money laundering !

It was not a hugh amount of money like 10,000 ! Will not do any business with this bank...ever.


crazy bank rule !!!

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