I have been with Bank of America a long time. One of my checking accounts was closed...because Bank of America was taking out for insurance I never signed up for and never resolved the problem or gave my money back.

The bank has it down to an art...they know automatic deposits and the game of taking your money stays alive and functioning. When we had over one hundred in the savings there was no problem. I am sure Bank of American has made stacking into an art.

Also, my realtives in Memphis all have closed thier accounts with Bank of America.

When I made a visit to Chicago, to my amazement there were Bank of America's all over the south side...whereas prior there were no Bank of America's. That is frightining.

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Bank of America also closed my Fathers bank account without any notification. They sent a letter(after requesting written documentation of reason) stating that my Father was a high risk, mind you my Father has been banking there for 15+ years.

Not only did they just close the account they also stated that all of his direct deposites would not be returned until they were sure there was no balance owed. His SSI check was never returned. Social Security is currently running an investigation. Bank of America also reported my Father to the ChexSystem.

He has never had any over drafts, NSF or anything like that.

I wish I knew how to get my Father help in this evil, heartless bank. While this investigation is going on we have to figure out how to pay for my Fathers' Parkinsons medication, because they haven't even released the money in his saving's account.


Bank Of America closed my account without any notification saying after a month of making deposit I was a high risk for this bank, then they will not give me my money back locking my account. How can I pursue a Law suit to this joke of Bank?, I don't think they will be long in business. SAn ANtonio, TX

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