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Maureen McCarthy AVP, GWIM Sr Team Operations Mgr U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management 100 Federal Street/MA5-100-03-01 Boston, MA.

02110 Tel: 617-434-1334 Fax: 617-434-0556 this is lady is most frustrating to me.

How this lady can't find a trust. But everybody ELSE CAN.

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I was told by an employee while attempting to get the information about my inheritance at the Fresno Ca fig garden financial center Bank of America that They are not a trust company and that they do not honor WILLS. Ok well I have the trust documents too..

And the WILL is what sets the TRUST.. So IF i didnt have the WILL How would you know what the trust is to go by? i was told that the 25 page trust document that states eveything clear as day... 'Just says too little' and that its just a trust...and unfortunately the grantor is deseased ..and the successor trustees are deseaced ...accounts change names ...and documents change....


You ARE a trust company Right? You do know this right? Oh well we ARENT a trust company..we are a bank.. Excuse me ...

All Banks do not have TRUSTS you are a part of A TRUST company... Therefore you do have proffessionally SKILLED EMPLOYEES in WILLS AND TRUSTS to peform duties such as Closing Transfering And DiSTRiBUTING a 37 year old TRUST account RIGHT? Or is it just a Fancy Bank manager at a Desk position.. BENEFICIARIES and Afiants of TRUSTS when time comes for them to need the TRUST COMPANY NA SA who takes the role at some point to adminuster or transfer properties.

These duties need to be performed by competant employees with full knowlege of the accounts. Our inheritance was given to the ex wife because bank of america failed to verify marriage was valid. They were devorsed 4 years! They need to take responsibility for this.

Its correctable. . its a mistake ..i get that But now that you know about it ..

What are you going to do about it? Please just FIX IT MAN .

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Family Trust Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bank Of America Cons: Inability to reach competent staff to resolve a claim, Breach of fidituary duties.

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OK I should have said ex "spouses". But a little harsh calling me ignorant isn't it?

I mean Being what I said was a fact. telling somebody they are ignorant over a typo .or maybe you don't have all the facts.. Doesn't make you the sharpest pencil in the box just sayin -_-This is an IRREVOCABLE trust. The only thing that changed was the death certificate that's been amended to the correct marital status of DEVORCED so you go on and keep assuming what ever you wish to try and justify.

The facts are the facts. Its an irrevocable trust. PERIOD there is no well maybe things changed . so.

don't go slingin your ignorant words at me .because I stand loud tall and firm about the disloyalty Bank of America has shown twards the grantor and the beneficiaries of our Armenian family trust. My great aunt did a great deal of real estate business with Bank of America. They were notified of the named beneficiaries. It was wrong.Way wrong.

And Now what hmmm? I need to have an attorney take a third of our inheritance to get me in front of a judge ? There's nothing to prove. Its proven already..

The death certificate Amended really says it all. But they are ignoring it .. Because they know they messed up. theyr hoping I would just go away.

But there isn't a soul that will tell me I'm wrong. When they hear All the facts. They need to fix it.

Or they will have to pay our attorney fees in the end. Because they are wrong.Not me


And when is falsifying a death certificate to get some bodies inheritance for herself and her 26 year old daughter whom was not adopted by my cousin who would have adopted her at some the irrevocable trust States.. He was adopted himself.

Its a common thing in our family. If he wanted her daughter to have it. He would have adopted her.

Period. He could not change what the trust says.


I suggest you reread what was said, no one called you ignorant - they said you were ignorant of the laws, I tend to agreeI should add it’s interesting how the facts continue to change in this storyAnd please remember, If you chose not to seek counsel that’s your choice but you can’t blame others for the choices you make


So I am ignorant of the laws because I said ex wives instead of spouses?Or are you saying irrevoccable trusts are not protected from ex. Spouses?

Go ahead say it. That may top other things I have been told ... Like..... BOA never acts as trustee for anybody.

Ever. That just because they are named as trustee doesn't mean they agreed to that... That there is not nor has there ever been a trust documented in their systems or their vaults anywhere. Ever.

After sending me beneficiary forms and a letter of Deposit Box? And Then again a deposit box letter in Feb. And again ... No deposit box letter and no trust listed with the US trusts at BOA or anywhere.

Is what im told. I'm not just blowing smoke as a pissed off beneficiary who's crying over something that is Right and intended. Dude if they were not married then they weren't MARRIED for a REASON!! THIS ISNT OK.

Seriously? I'm talking about a large family trust. Its a Gst trust its meant to continue in my family. My cousin did right by his mother's wishes...

Ex spouses get everything as it is. But you have to be the SPOUSE to get from an irrevocable trust.

She was not married . the bank knew this.


No one said you’re ignorant (that’s for the readers to decide) what they said is your ignorant of the law, seek legal help from a lawyer


But I'm not ignorant to the law. Ex spouses do not get issue from irrevocable trust inheritance.

Been that way forever. Do some homework guys


No facts are changing.. My.

Bad for giving more details. His ex wife showed me the trust papers that BOA set up in hers and her daughters names. And when is it OK to falsify a death certificate for financial gain?

She purchased a brand new black Mercedes with paper plates a few days after he died. Bottom line they weren't married.


What does being married have to do with anything????For Pete’s sake, call someone who understands the law - your lack of knowledge is dangerous


Falsifying a death certificate is a felony - have you contacted the authorities?


You show your ignorance of the law by stating “Trusts are supposed to be protected from ex wives” ... please seek assistance from someone who specializes in trusts to look into your situation but I suspect the bank is following the instructions they were the very least have them review your trust - each trust is custom designed at it’s inception and should be reviewed / updated from time to time as situations sounds as though the grantor of the trust in your complaint failed to keep their trust up to date with their wishes/desires as you wish they would have and instead of blaming that individual you’re taking your aggression out towards BOA....just saying - don’t blame the messenger which is what BOA is in this case...


Instructions Comes from the trust documents. Nothing or nobody else.

Nobody can alter them but the grantor. All beneficiaries would have to be notified. If the trust had closed we would have to be notified.

So get off that already. Its IRREVOCABLE


Your spelling is horrible.

Please stop shouting with capital lettered format words.

You need the advice of a trust expert because you're in way over your head with what little solid information I have gleaned from your complaint.

A will is not what sets the trust.

Trust Funds are often established to protect individuals and assets from wills, survivors, former spouses, etc.

They are administered by a disinterested third party which must operate under specific strict guidelines and are established independently of a will. Get some help with this and take Adult English remedial courses.


Im sorry sir if my grammer is not up to PAR for you. This isn't my field of WORK.


Forgive me for being super Pissed in my review here. Its not MY JOB to be professional it was the banks job. I'm just a another regular pissed consumer ... Not an English scholar..

Pick on somebody else.

You could understand what I wrote . you don't have to be an {{Redacted}}.


I guess I could have went into a little more detail here. Bank of america administered my inheritance to my cousins ex wife of four years !

Did not verify the mariage document. Will not recognize the Amended death certificate... That Says DEVORCED . my capital letters aren't shouting but more so making a PISSED reference at a fraction of the STUPID crap I was being told ..

Like as if iWAS STUPID enough to believe what they were telling me. My review is on the fact that the trust company bank of America should have TRUST professionals with knowledge of the importance of making sure the right and true beneficiaries are getting their inheritances. why? Because when you have a TRUST set up...

and an irrevocable 1985 trust with the trust company (the bank) it is because you are being insured (grantor) that in the event there is no trustee...they the trust company ( the bank) will be there as trustee to execute administer and distribute to the correct beneficiaries . its THEIR DUTY to PROTECT the trust and its BENEFICIARIES. YOU GET PAID FROM THE TRUST FOR THESE DUTIES and services YOU ARE on standby to PERFORM ALL THOSE YEARS. Trusts are not FREE TO KEEP IN BANKS.

We pay every month for those SERVICES. My texting Grammer May not be PAR but I'm not ST UP I D I HAVE BEEN DONE DIRTY ... DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY ..WAY FREAKIN DIRTY. THEY CAN FIX IT.


FIX IT PLEASE. Yes my sentences run on and maybe misspelled. I'm typing from my phone and my eyes are bad.BUT my statements are true and the damages are real. This is a TRUST.

WHY DO I NEED AN ATTORNEY to collect my irrevocable trust inheritance that's insane. FOR WHAT To fight the bank? I need an attorney to get my rightful inheritance from the BANK?

that's so wrong. Just WRONG on so many levels


You’re lack of understanding is shocking and going to cause you a ton of frustrations as the other commenter stated, instead of being upset because of your limited understanding of the laws governing this situation why not do as the other commenter suggested and seek advise from someone who does understand them, contact an attorney who can help you understand how this process works (FYI wills have absolutely nothing to do with trusts, zero zippo nadda, while I hate BOA they are correct in this)


How can you say Bank of America is correct in giving an inheritance to an ex wife ? Trust are supposed to be protected from ex wives.

And that is fine wills have nothing to do with trusts. What I have is the Trust. Which states no ex wives or step daughters. What part of doing right was done here?

Nothing is right at all. Come on.. My spelling may be wrong.

But they are wrong for not acknowledging the Named beneficiaries in the trust. Cone on REALLY?


Boy you all are so sensitive about misspelling.. And capital letters.

I'm not yelling just emphasizing on some words. Jesus. And mariage has everything to do with family inheritance's. What planet are you from?

Y'all aren't going to make me feel ignorant about anything. I'm not ignorant to the laws. I'm right.

Looks like you guys need to do some homework. Lol


When my great aunt passed my cousin gave me my trust documents. He said to hang on to term because he said I would need them.

I even have the documented contracts between BoA and my aunt when the trust were set up. I laugh at them saying no trust tahahaha.

Lies . I'm trying to give BoA a chance to correct their own mistake.

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